White Dental Beauty syringes (10%) with NOVON

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10% Carbamide Peroxide with NOVON

White Dental Beauty is The Professional Whitening System

White Dental Beauty gels are specifically formulated, packaged and delivered with your patients in mind, ensuring you have everything you need to offer them a successful whitening treatment.

NOVON® is an exclusive patented technology (US Patent no. 8815217 B2) that produces an enhanced whitening effect.

Why use White Dental Beauty?

  • Proven, effective and predictable tooth whitening
  • NOVON® enhanced formula for maximum whitening effect
  • Optimum pH control for maximum whitening effect
  • Available in 6% HP the highest percentage of professional peroxide available*
  • Visible whitening in less than a week
  • Active Sensitivity Management formula
  • High water content to help prevent dehydration
  • Contemporary design and presentation
  • Bespoke practice branding and full marketing support
  • Available in 5%, 10% CP and 16% CP
  • Eco friendly packaging
  • * Conforms to EU Directives

Product CodeDescription
OP002628 10% White Dental Beauty 2 x 3ml Top Up
OP002629 10% White Dental Beauty 20 x 3ml Refill Kit
OP002630 10% White Dental Beauty 4 x 1.2ml Top Up
OP002631 10% White Dental Beauty 4 x 3ml Patient Kit
OP002624 10% White Dental Beauty 40 x 1.2ml Refill Kit
OP002632 10% White Dental Beauty 8 x 1,2ml Patient Kit